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Our Work

Here are some projects that we have worked on at QOS Builders

We treat every project like a portfolio piece so we can stand behind our work, and our name proudly.

Modern Bathroom


Modern Bathroom Remodel

We can work with you to design, plan, curate the proper materials and build the bathroom of your dreams like this one that we made for Lisa W. in Beverly Hills, CA

in 2022.


Minimalist Kitchen Remodel

Depending on your taste and preferences we an design your kitchen to spec, not only adding value to your home but carefully putting together the kitchen that you will love to cook your family meals in for years to come, as we did for Rick and Lilly G. in West Hills, CA

White Kitchen
Modern Livingroom


Modern Contemporary Entertainment Room Remodel

Based on a client's particular needs, budget and taste we can together create astonishing results.  Like this entertainment room remodel we did for Betty K. in Brentwood, CA


Modern Contemporary Lounge Room Remodel with Fireplace

This gorgeous lounge room was converted after Matt S. and his wife Maggie from Calabasas, CA decided to convert part of their large living room into a chill conversation room where they could spend time with friends and family.  We really enjoyed working on this project with them.

Fireplace in Livingroom
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